April 14, 2012


President Lowe called us to order at 6:45 pm at 409 Pine St. PRESENT: Clidia Gibson, Jennifer Turner, Karen Kunz, Robert MacKrell, Janet MacKrell, Nina Pence, Anita Ward, Leslie Lowe, Barbara Turk.

Minutes of the April 14, 2012 Annual Meeting were read,  moved / seconded to approve UNANIMOUSLY as corrected: (1) Guest Vraman corrected to VrOman; added “late guests Jan and Dan Polson”. (2) On  LWVUS Privatization Study: changed “…this meeting is first with a quorum”, to “…held five meetings to study this issue and all had a quorum.”

Treasurer’s Report:  Beginning balance on May 09, 2012, $1541.87.  Deposits: dues $390, donations $35, white elephant auction $106.  Expenditures:  Candidates Forum $90. Funds available this date, $1,982.87.

Lowe noted a membership chair is needed.  (1) Computer update is now done by treasurer Kunz; she’ll continue digital media; Lowe will help on latter. (2) Turner volunteered to do outreach.  LWVOR info is needed to inform / help her.

Media—LWVKC Face Page—Turner to confer with librarian Christy Davis.  “Tab Publicity”—Lowe to Turner.  Target September for Herald and News piece on U.S. suffrage centennial and LWVKC’s 40th anniversary.

Candidates Forum—THANKS TO ALL.  Lowe shared an outsider who attended multiple forums commented, “Unlike other forums, the LWVKC forum delivered questions and answers with order”.

New Business

Discussed of Resolution on Department of Peace to president’s cabinet (by a MO LWV).  Lowe noted in our community we already have, “Hands Are Not Made for Hurting”.  (Resolution includes ending violence as well as war.) LWVKC supports ideal, but thought name “sticky”.  Suggested name changes: Dept. of Cooperation, Conflict Resolution, Golden Rule. Moved / seconded to support proposed resolution, but with suggested name change to Dept. of Promotion of Peace.  Approved UNANIMOUSLY.

Program Plans 2012 -2013—Turner conducted discussion on three Proposals:  As to Proposal 1.  Turner, Lowe, Pence, Gibson will meet with Linda Smith, county clerk, to research a county commissioners’ non-partisan election. They’ll report in August.  MacKrell added his understanding is if policy is part of a job, it’s elective; others can be appointed. As to Proposal 2.  Lowe will ask Ken Hay of Parks Dept. if LWVKC can have “a corner” of parks’ table for  2012 Third Thursdays to register voters.  Turner will prep work schedule sheets for Third Thursdays. Arlene Maya, a friend of Turner’s, may help.  As to Proposal 3.  What is now private in county?  Is there transparency?  Pence noted a strict definition of contracted and privatized is needed.   How  do we determine definitions? What government services are provided by non-government workers?  What employees are paid, but not on government payroll?  Where do we start as there are many departments and questions?

Gibson will check with American Assoc. of University Women on scheduling a LWVKC presentation in September on a possible join study of privatization.

Ward announced the ACLU is willing to host a debate with CEO of CCA, on Private vs Public.  Petitions are available to encourage such a debate.

Upcoming meetings were announced for Mondays, Aug. 20, Sept. 10,  Oct. 8,  Nov. 12,  Dec. 10, all at Lowe’s office, 409 Pine St., 6:45 p m.

Meeting adjourned 8:10 p m.
Recorded by Barbara Turk

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