August 2011 Minutes

August 15, 2011, Minutes

MINUTES:  Members gathered refreshments at 7:00 before meeting commenced.

Present: Leslie Lowe, Tonja Swanson, Andy Swanson, Janet MacKrell, Mac Mackrell, Allan Lowe, Anita Ward, Clidia Gibson, Nancie Carlson, and Nina Pence

Leslie showed a copy of a 2009 publication by LWVOR: Attracting and Keeping League Leaders.  Several members wanted copies.  Allan Lowe will print it on line for each to copy.  Leslie also distributed copies of the LWVKC bylaws to those who do not have them.  Latest revision was 2004.

Agenda Items:

A)  Minutes of May 10 meeting: Nancie moved, Allan 2nd to accept minutes as distributed.  Motion Carried.

B)  Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Tanja reported a balance of $1,800.43 with a total of $374.07 due to State and US for PMP, leaving an amount of $14,26.36 funds available.  Report was accepted.

C)  Membership Chair Report:  Andy noted that no action has been taken since the June sub-committee meeting with Anita and Nina when they went over a list of all former and current members of our league, gathering names of those to receive letters later.  Discussion was held as to when letters to former members and potential new members should be sent., informing them of recent League activities, future plans and inviting them to (re)join.  It was agreed to include fundraising in the letter.  Andy will create a draft of the letter for the Sept. board meeting.  The final letter will be sent after the proposed news article(s) this fall focusing on our league.  An estimate of $200 was suggested would cover expenses, including postage.  Nina moved, Mac 2nd that we approve up to $200 for letter expenses, which includes the $50 previously approved.  Motion carried.

D)  Partnering with AAUW on 2012 Centennial on Oregon’s Womens’ right to Vote: a Century of Action:  Nancie explained AAUW plans for an essay contest, 150 – 300 words, for all local 7th & 8th grades (Jr. High and Middle School) on this subject.  She envisions AAUW, LWV and Klamath Historical Society as sponsors.  She proposed prizes of $100 first, $75 second, and $50 third, and ribbons.  Tentative dates are a 2 day weekend in late February 2012.  An amount of approximately $85 from each sponsor will be needed for costs of prizes, ribbons and publicity, as well as members of each group to volunteer at the event.  Clidia is working on a possible event at the Library where prizes would be awarded and winning essays read.  Discussion held as to when to contact teachers, with decision of some time in early fall to allow them to settle in to the new school year.  Essay judges are needed.  Mac agreed as one and Leslie will help if a second is needed.  Nancie moved, Nina 2nd to approve up to $85 from LWVKC for expenses.  Motion carried.  Leslie will help with posters at Library.

E)  Partnering with Klamath Sustainable Communities (KSC) and Library to sponsor showing a 26 minute long  CD: Project House, on energy efficiency, and speakers on energy conservation, October 19 or 20 at the Library.  The purpose to get more people informed about wiser energy use and savings and how they can finance energy conservation for their homes.  We have paid $700 and need $300 more for this project, which Pacific Power is co-sponsoring. Leslie moved, Nancie 2nd that LWVKC and AAUW provide refreshments.  Andy said that Library might be able to provide refreshments, with the former filling in as needed with coffee, etc, and volunteers to work at the event, which was included in the amended motion.  Motion carried.

F)  New LWV Website:  Mary Sinclair, our state board representative from Medford, who is creating the site, has been on vacation and returns today.  She will do additions and corrections. soon.  Leslie said she hopes to go public with it by mid September.  Leslie asked if anyone present wished to be involved in final draft.  Nancie agreed to help.

G)  Nina report on sub committee of proposed news article featuring our local league:  Barb Turk  and Nina visited the LWVKC files in the Library basement, gleaning a large amount of history of our league dating to 1972. ( Our 40th anniversary will be in 2012.)  Anita and Nina met and went through the scrapbooks Barb Turk prepared on our league  covering the last ten years.  Much of this information has been included in Leslie’s draft handout: Publicity materials for LWVKC fall 2011.  More information is still needed.  Janet and Nina will rerurn to the files to try to find pertinent  dates and names.  Andy, Anita and Nina met in June to discuss membership and a letter to be sent in the fall.  See C) Membership report above.

H)  Mac MacKrell’s report on Popular Vote for President:  A thick book he agreed to scan and report on about the plans of a nationwide group to find a means to use the popular vote to elect US presidents, instead of the electoral vote.  He noted that since our nation’s founding there have been four crises in electoral  vs popular votes.  The plan is for each state legislature to vote to agree that all its electoral votes would go to the presidential candidate which won the popular vote in that state.  Approximately 33 states have approved this.  The plan is when 270 electoral votes (a majority required now) are reached the popular vote would then legally determine the presidential election outcome, bypassing the electoral college, and the need for a constitutional amendment. Discussion followed,and it was agreed that this subject would be good for a local league public program as voter service.  January 2012 might be an appropriate time as we enter a presidential election year.  More details at the Sept. board meeting.  Andy said Library might help get information on line.

Leslie moved Clidia 2nd that we hold the last two agenda items for the Sept. board meeting.  Motion carried.

Next board meeting:  Monday, Sept. 12, 2011, 7:00 PM in Library meeting room.126 S. Third St.  All future board meetings will be the second Monday at 7:00 PM in the Library, except no December meeting.

Respectfully submitted by acting Secretary Nina Pence

Next board meeting will be Monday, September 12,

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