February 13, 2012

LWKC Board Minutes

February 13, 2012

President Leslie Lowe called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Present were:  Julie Morrill, Jean Huntley, Robert and Janet McKrell, Anita Ward, Andy and Tanja Swanson, Michael Fitzgerald, Leslie Lowe, Jerome Brown, Betty Dickson, Mike Angeli, Bea Hunstiger, Jennifer Turner, Kevin O’Neil, Jaye Solowan-Weiss, Karen Kunz, Nina Pence, and Clidia Gibson.

Those present agreed to change the meeting time to 6:45 pm.

1)    Minutes of the January 2012 meeting were approved as corrected: #6 both 1 and 2 should be concurrence, not consensus.

2)    Tanja presented the Treasurer’s report as of February 13, 2012:

Beginning  Balance: $1,711.55

Paid, member payment –national 2nd payment: $157.50

Deposit, membership dues: $60

Ending Balance: $1,614.05

Outstanding: $144.37 PMP Oregon (April 1, 2012)

Funds available: $14469.68

3)  Andy Swanson, Membership Chair

a) nothing to report on letters sent

b) LWV posters will need to be updated with the change in meeting time to 6:45 pm and add website address. The website will also need to be updated.

ACTION:  Julie will update per Leslie’s instructions

c)     PSAs-Library will handle for March 4 program.

4) Updates

a) Media Articles about LWV and local 40th and state 100th anniversaries.

ACTION:  Andy will try; Leslie to email History to him.

          b) Centennial 2012: Gibson reported her committee ready.

c) Popular Vote Forum: Mac McKrell

ACTION:  Mac will pick up posters from Leslie 2/14.  Anyone wishing to help can also pick up posters, sign up on the distro list.

Mac working on a handout for the forum, Monday, 2/27, 7 pm, Library.

d)    Candidates Night 4/17 starts at 7 pm, be there at 6:30.

ACTION: Nina to write invitation letter to candidates.

e)     Digitizing studies: Karen and Janet did not find any local studies, just state studies. She has scanned air quality and law enforcement.

ACTION:  Karen will look in “archives” for anything worth placing on the website.

ACTION:  Nina and Janet to gather old studies, etc.; make a box of what they want to toss, give to Anita to evaluate.

f)      List of LWV Presidents: almost completed, need dates

5)    Studies: The privatization of government assets – Anita

Facilitator – Leslie, Timekeeper – Karen, Recorder – Mac

During the discussion, it was found that public services (city) had purchased private entities to uphold public safety and health needed of the community, e.g., the purchase of sewer districts and water districts (Modoc Pt., Moyina water system)

It was stated that the Federal Reserve is an example of failure of privatization.

Question 1 votes:  Much too much-5, Too much-5, About right-2, Too little-0, Much too little-0, No consensus-2

Question 2 votes:  Strongly agree-9, agree-9, Disagree-0, Strongly disagree-0, No consensus-0

Due to time constraint, questions 3-6 will be discussed at another time.

The next topic on privatization was the issue of privatizing the library per information sent earlier by Chuck Wells.  At this time, Andy Swanson, library director, left the room.   Fifteen minutes was allotted to this discussion, with the group hearing from Mike Angeli, Jennifer Turner, and Kevin O’Neil.  After the discussion, Mr. Swanson was called back to the meeting.

6) New Business: Send suggested questions for the candidates to Leslie at inharmony46@charter.net by March 1.  She will compile and send out to LWV email list for final approval and will be included in March 9 letters to candidates.

7)e) Annual Meeting was set for Saturday, April 14, 11am-1:30 pm. Location, TBA.Presentation and business meeting.

Meeting adjourned: 8:20 pm.

Next Board Meeting:  Monday, March 12, 2012, 6:45 pm, Library Meeting Room.

Clidia Gibson, Secretary Pro-tem for Barbara Turk, Secretary

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