January 9, 2012


JANUARY 9, 2012

PRESENT at library:  Anita & John Ward, Julie Morrill, Leslie Lowe, Mike Fitzgerald, Sheila Gray, Janet & Mac MacKrell, Tanja & Andy Swanson, Karen Kunz, Barbara & Lou Turk, Nina Pence, Clidia Gibson.

M/S = Moved/Seconded.

1)  M/S to accept minutes of Nov.14, with one correction (month listed). APPROVED.

2)  Treasurer’s report: Checking balance $1,409.62. One new member, Sharon Chinook (Dr. S. Melnick)

3)  Membership

a)  Swanson reported slow response to fund-raiser letter

b)  Publicity on LWVKC 40th anniversary. John Ward will contact

Jeffrey Riley; ideas for talk radio?; informative draft for H&N?

c) Andy will work on PSA’s

4)  Updates

a)  Media: need LWVKC “story” to print—takers? Lowe’s Letter to Editor on “Occupy” printed 18 Dec.

b)  Oregon Suffrage (1912) Centennial co-sponsors are LWVKC,  AAUW and Klamath County Historical Society.  Gibson noted confirmed speakers: County lerk   Linda Smith, City Councilor Trish Seiler, Judge Roxanne Osborne. (Awaiting confirmation from Judge Marci Attkinson.)


Site completed. Lowe asked us to review and make comments.

Suggestions:   Add bylaws; also Facebook pages need to show link to website.  Christy Davis will do this @ library; LWV studies need to be made into PDF’s by Kunz so she can digitize them and we can add them to our website.

d)  Presidential Popular-vote Forum

1)  Mac MacKrell stated forum is “Informational Meeting, on

Tuesday, February 7th or 21st at library.  Speakers: OIT’s Mark

Clark; Henley H.S.’s Don Pressman; and Mac, LWV member &

retired social studies teacher.  Swanson, MacKrell to confirm

date, library, speakers.   Library will do PR; Lowe, MacKell to proof

publicity.  Lowe noted this forum will be like candidates’ forums

with ALL us sponsors helping out. Mackrell and Lowe will meet on

Tues. Jan 17 at 5 pm to further discuss format

5)  Studies

a) “Privatization of Government Assets Study”.  Chair Anita Ward

noted multiple topics, i.e. prisons, education, hospitals, railroads,

pharmaceutical companies, waste-water treatment. Discussion was

lengthy on problems with privatization that counter balance the cost

savings.  It was agreed following passage of Oregon’s Measure

11, there’s a need for openness, transparency, accountability; but no

conclusion was made at this time as no LWVUS study questions were

included in paperwork for discussion.

Ward will contact LWVUS and Janice McMillan, chair of Priv. Study

for discussion questions and will present at next meeting in February.

6)  New Business

a)  Regarding LWVDC proposals on Sentencing Policy:

1)  LWVKC agrees, with consensus

2)  LWVKC agrees, with consensus

b)  April Candidates Forum, April 17 commissioners’ chamber.

Gibson will reserve space.  ALL TO HELP, with co-sponsor AAUW

on refreshments, questions/sorters, etc.

Committee meets Monday, January 23, noon at Hurry Curry.  Lowe will reserve space.

Discussed Tom Cooley televising forum/scheduling re-airing. M/S to hire Cooley.  APPROVED. (Kunz asked    about on-line availability.)

7)  2012 Plans

a)  February — Popular-vote for President Forum

b)  February — Suffrage Centennial Essay Contest

c)  March 4  — Centennial: Read essays of contest winners at library

d)  April 17   — Candidates’ Forum

e)  May—Annual Meeting, LWVKC 40th Anniversary

Lou Turk asked to be relieved of board member status.  M/S that Turk be allowed to resign.  APPROVED.



at Hurry Curry to discuss Candidates’ Forum plans

BOARD MEETS Monday, February 13, 6:30, library

Meeting adjourned 8:40 pm.              Recorder: Barbara H. Turk


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