March 12, 2012

12 MARCH 2012

President Leslie Lowe called us to order at 6:55 pm at the county library.  PRESENT:  Clidia Gibson, Nathalie Johnston, Karen Kunz,  Anita Ward, Lowe, Nina Pence, Lou and Barbara Turk.  (No quorum)  It was M/S to accept minutes of 13 February 2012.  APPROVED.  Lowe gave treasurer’s report for Tanja Swanson:  Bal: $1,614.05. Paid LWVOR PMP (Per Member Payment) of $72.18. Balance $1,541.87.  No membership report as Andy Swanson was excused.


The March 4th celebration of OR’s Suffrage Centennial at the library had 55-60 attendees. City Council member Trish Seiler and County Clerk Linda Smith spoke. Smith brought 1912 voting ledger showing passing vote count for suffrage.

Lowe stated the Popular Vote for President Panel on Feb. 17th at the library presented “marvelous data”.  MANY THANKS to”Mac” MacKrell for organizing/chairing this event.

Primary Candidates’ Forum April 17th @ Gov’t. Bldg.  Pence has sent invitations and is preparing letters with LWVKC questions for the 25  candidates in contested positions.  (See New Business.)   Lowe will prepare LWVKC stationery for Pence, and will moderate the forum.

Digitizing report by Kunz. She and Lowe will do a summer follow-up and clean-out.

LWVUS Study—Privatization of Gov’t. Assets report by Ward. Three discussion meetings were held; final vote to be taken at annual meeting April 14th. Our response will be delivered electronically to LWVUS;  all information will be put on our web site.   MANY THANKS to Anita.



Voters Guides—300 ordered. Library paid $25 for 100 for library use/distribution.  LWVKC paid $50 for 200. (Expenditure board-approved by email vote.)  Members, please be ready to distribute some.

Slate of Officers 2012-2013—Nominations’ chair Nina Pence reported:  No president, she’ll be VP, Lowe treasurer, Gibson and B. Turk co-secretary. At-Large: Anita Ward, Karen Kunz;   those to  be asked are Janet MacKrell and  Julie Morrill. Volunteers???

Primary Candidates’ Forum—Discussed questions for contested positions only. Pence noted unopposed candidates, Lindal, state rep, and state senate will receive invites only. Some RSVP’s have noted date conflicts.  Pence added one candidate asked if a representative could participate, but was informed only a candidate can speak/respond for him/herself.  Literature is always welcome and a table for displays is available.

Forum publicity flier info is due  to Lowe by April 1st.  Lowe to email LWVKC members when ready for pickup/distribution.   Other publicity (H&N, etc.), goes out April 2nd.

We need to announce the LWVOR 411 web site for election info, and on which candidates can share their info (like the voters pamphlet). Kunz noted 411 is an on-line factor VS. one-on-one, and printed matter. Polls indicate people today seek info on line.

Annual Meeting 2012—LWVKC 40th anniversary celebration is Saturday, April 14th, 5:30 business meeting, 6:30 potluck dinner and party at Lowes’ home. (Changed to evening due to conflicts with AAUW meeting and a Klamath Sustainable Community afternoon activity.)  Pence to ask MacKrells for game ideas.  Bring white elephant “gift” to be auctioned.

Agenda—Meeting includes election of officers, privatization vote, budget approval, then dinner, games, white elephant auction, AND celebration of our 40 years as a vital group in the Basin.     Wear 1972 apparel,  come as a favorite (or not so fav)  1972 politician, or your idea for a fun evening.

Adjourned 8:20 p m.      Recorded by Barbara Turk

PSST!!       Mr. Lowe,  how about an auto or truck  from the ’70’s??  And “Mr. Lou”,  don’t you have a vehicle from 1974??  (Close enough.)

So few of us can claim to be 40,  so let’s think about something really fun to celebrate 40 years of the LWVKC—PARTY ON!!!!!!!!!!      BHT

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