March, 2011 Minutes

March, 2011 Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES (following agenda distributed by Leslie):

1. Updates for March 31 Board Meeting minutes:

a.  Add: Nina will be Vice Pres. and will substitute as Secretary when Barbara Turk is not present.

b.  Andy Swanson and Anita Ward will become board members; Andy agreed to be Membership Chair.

2.  Updates for March 13 Annual Meeting:

a. Add: Proposed 2011-2012 budget was presented by Treasurer Leslie Lowe, but was not formally voted on to accept it.  Leslie noted that we are short  $148.75 (i.e., we spent this much more than we received) and will need to make it up.  Members went over the budget to determine how to do this.

b. Andy moved, Anita seconded to not renew membership in Chamber of Commerce.  Motion carried.  This will help greatly to reduce shortfall.  Andy mentioned that the Friends of the Library might be able to assist in paying for  Voters Guide for 2012 Primary election.  Leslie mentioned that we may not be able to afford live TV coverage of Candidates Forum. ( Note: as of 4-28-11, Leslie learned that the cable access TV will be operated by Eagle Ridge High School starting June 1 – This could change cost factors for Candidates Night)

c.  Andy moved, Nina second, to adopt 2011-12 budget as revised.  Motion carried.

3.  Andy moved, Anita second, to support for members unable to pay full dues, including balance of $28 for Morrill.  Motion carried. (This will be done on a case by case basis)

4.  As Membership Chair, Andy will contact 2010 unpaid members to remind them to pay dues before May 1.  He, Anita and Nina will meet April 13 at 5PM at  Library to examine a list from LWVUS of all former members to invite them to rejoin.  Andy will write a letter and do contacts.

5.  Nina reported that she and Barb Turk met April 4 to go through our files at the Library for history and other information on our local League since its first forming.  She circulated several examples of our League’s functions and actions over the years, which might be used as basis for a feature article in the Herald and News next fall, as a kickoff for the year’s local League activities and membership drive.  Leslie proposed that we form a committee to work on a feature article for the newspaper.  Nina will do a draft for the next board meeting.  She suggested that Barb Turk might be a committee member.  The group agreed tp suggest a 3 part series of articles on Civil Discourse as a theme, with LWVKC as subject for one part.  Andy will ask Christy Davis and Kate Marquez to contact newspaper editors in late summer about doing the series.  Julie agreed to be “editor in chief” to receive information from all involved.

6.  By-laws Update:  Leslie distributed copies of current by-laws, last updated in April 2004 and asked all to look them over and bring suggestions for any changes to next board meeting.

7. and 8. agenda items were tabled to be on next board meeting agenda.

9.  Several pamphlets and member information brochures were given to Andy to use for new members.

10.  Anita suggested that we might revive the “Observer Corps” in which a league member attends a local government  or committee meeting wearing a LWV button and taking notes to report to membership, but does not speak.  This could be an attraction for potential members, and might be included in the feature news article.  Also those present agreed that a strong emphasis needs to be made on the League’s “non-partisan” stance.

The agenda also included a current list of 10 paid members eligible to vote as of April 1.

Next board meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 10 at 6:30 to 8:00 PM at Wingers Restaurant, 3430 Washburn Way Suite E.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:04 PM

Submitted by substitute Secretary Nina Pence.

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