November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011, League of Women Voters of Klamath County Board Meeting

7:00 PM, Klamath County Library, 126 S 3rd, Klamath Falls. OR

  Those Present:  Pres. Leslie Lowe, Vice-Pre. Nina Pence (also acting sec’y), Treas. Tanja Swanson, Anita Ward, Andy Swanson,Julie Morrill, Mac Mackrell, and Nancie Carlson.


1.  Additions/corrections to October minutes:  Leslie stated that format for Centennial program will be with refreshments and cake at end.  She also understood that LWVKC 40th anniversary would be noted on cake.  Discussion was held about message on cake.  No conclusion reaches, but see other notes on 4 b) below.  Anita moved, Andy 2nd to approve minutes as distributed.  Motion carried.

2.  Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Tanja reported a beginning balance of $1,578.74 with outstanding bills of $301.87, leaving a net balance of $1,276.87.  One new member dues of $60 was received, giving a final balance of $1,336.87.

3.  Membership Chair Report: 

     a.)  Fundraising/member-recruiting letter results:  A small group of members met at the Swanson home on Halloween to prepare letters.  Approximately 90 (?) were mailed.  22 were returned undelvered; discussion held about these, Leslie will check them against her lists.  To date one new member has joined.  Welcome to Terri Wagstaff, our newest member!  Nina noted that a current  active membership list should be available to members.  Tanja will send this to Leslie, who will distribute it.

     b.)  Poster is done and up in Library.  Leslie asked for volunteers to distribute posters and how many to print to be put in public places.  20 to start, Julie, Mac and Leslie will distribute them.  Tanja noted that more brochures re needed; Leslie will print 25 more.

     c.)  PSA’s:  Andy will take care of these.

4.  Updates:

      a.)  Media Article:  Newspaper reporter, Sara Hottman has made no response to Leslie, who said she also has had no reaction from Marcia McGonigle, another reporter who may have been assigned to the project.  Nancie noted that every group wants free news publicity, so we may not be able to expect much from the newspaper.  Leslie expressed frustration, as she had received a positive response from Managing Editor, Steve Miller.  Nina suggested trying for a feature on the 2012 LWVKC 40th and what we have accomplished.  Andy suggested that we do an OP/ED piece by a member instead of several articles.  Leslie asked for a member ro look through the folder she has prepared for the article to use as a guide for an op/ed piece by two members,  Nina will look it over and pass it on to Mac and Anita.  Nancie will contact Pat Bushey, Opinion Editor, to get requirements.

      b.)  Centennial 2012:  Nancie said posters with co-sponsor names will be on display in the room.  After discussion the group agreed the cake message will be “Honoring the Vote Centennial” and sponsors will be on posters.  Leslie suggested $20 for cake and members to bring other goodies.  Library will provide drinks.  Nancie will check for any Health Dept. requirements.  Discussion held about speakers.

      c.)  Website:No changes or progress to date.  Mary Sinclair is still on safari.  Leslie urged members to visit the site and comment.  There is still a need for more information, especially past local league studies and action.

      d.)  Popular Vote:  Mac presented materials he glean from the book and asked for questions.  Leslie said we would like to have a local forum program on this subject to inform the public and get their preferences for possible changes.  Mac suggested a panel, or at least two speakers for pro/con presentation and discussion.  Someone from OIT might be possible.  Leslie will try social network.  Discussion held on date, time, place and format.  Suggested participants are Conty Commissioner Dennis Linthicum and Mark Clark.  with time of 1 to 1/2 hrs and questions.  Leslie will ask LWVOR  what other leagues may be doing on this.  An early weekend afternoon at Library in February was suggested.  Leslie will work with Christy Davis, Adult Services Librarian.

5.  Studies:

      a.)  LWVUS Education study:  We have not done any preparation for this, there fore should not attempt to answer questions or reach consensus.

      b.)  Privatization of Government Assets and Services:  Anita said May 1 is deadline, and suggested separate meetings from board meetings to study and discuss it .  State League may be a help.  Anita will contact them.

Save remaining agenda items for January board meeting.

There will be no December board meeting.  We will try to correspond by e-mail.  Next meeting will be Monday, January 9, 2012, at 6:30 PM at Library.  Note time change.

Meeting adjourned at 9:07 PM

Respectfully submitted by Nina Pence, Acting Secretary


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