October 2011 Minutes

October 10, 2011 Minutes

Members Present:  Leslie Lowe, Anita Ward, Clidia Gibson, Tanja Swanson, Andy Swanson and Nina Pence

Agenda Items:

1.  September Minutes:  Anita moved Tanja 2nd to accept minutes as presented.  Motion carried.

2.  Treasurer’s report:  Treasurer Tanja reported a balance of $1,727.74

3.  Membership report:  Andy presented copies of fundraising letter.  Discussion about who should receive letter (lawyers, doctors, teachers, businesses, past members etc.)  Agreement that they should be mailed soon, and before news article appears.  Leslie showed a copy of revised membership brochure.  She and Allan will print copies for the price of ink cartridge when needed (about $60). they have printed 100 and a folding party is needed.  Discussion about number of letters to be sent, postage, and any other costs.  Brochure can be used as an envelope for letter.

4.  Updates:

a.)  Media article:  Sara Hottman of Herald and News is scheduled to attend tonight’s meeting. She has not yet appeared.  Leslie still needs list of past presidents.  Nina will continue working on this.

b.)  Centennial 2012:  “Oregon Women’s Right to Vote – A Century of Action”.  Clidia reported that plans are progressing for this event to be held March 4, 2012 from 2:00 to 4:00 PM.  at the Library.   AAUW, LWVKC and Klamath Historical Society will sponsor.  A discussion was held about having prominent local women speakers.  Suggested were 4 women:  Kate Marquez, Judge Roxanne Osborne, County Commissioner Cheryl Hukill, and City Councilor Trish Seiler.  There will be a poster contest for 5th and 6th graders and an essay contest for middle school grades.  Format will be: Speakers, break, read winning essays, and awards.

c.)  Energy Forum:  Leslie announced that it is good to go with a DVD showing a local home being weatherized, and several speakers from Utilities, weatherizing contractors, and Energy Trust.  Event will be Wednesday October 19 at 7:00 PM at County Library.  Posters need distributing and LWV members needed to help set up and clear room.  Library will furnish refreshments.

d.)  No change an website.  Members are urged to view it and offer additions and corrections.


e.)  Mac MacKrell is not present to report on a popular Vote for President.

5.  New Business:

a.)  Scholarship Memorial:  Discussion was held to include all deceased past presidents in a memorializing scholarship for needy new members:  Zon Gerbert, Juanita Hodges, Tuffy Pillette, Margo Hagan (others?).  Andy moved, Anita 2nd to include all deceased past presidents.  Motion carried.  Discussion about how money might be raised.  Andy will form questions on game of “Pay to Play” and perhaps include Janet MacKrell’s “game tecnique” for holiday party or annual meeting.  Tanja moved, Anita 2nd, to make a $60 deposit into scholarship fund.  Motion carried.

b.)  LWVUS Education Study consensus study.  Nina noted that we need to read study material before answering questions.  Hold for study.

c.)  Program Planning:  Items a. through e.  okay.  Last item –f.) “Privatization of Government Assets” LWVOR study.  Anita will chair a committee and Clidia and Nina will look at materials.

Other Items:  Leslie announced a fund raiser for Children’s Museum:”Stars for $1” and has stars to sell.

Andy reported that he had been contacted by Mayor Kellstrom about concern that there are no women members on the recently formed  Law Enforcement committee and wondered if a member of LWVKC might become one.  No action was taken.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM

Next board meeting will be Monday, November 14, 2011  7:00 PM at County Library  126 South Third St.

Respectfully submitted by Nina Pence, Acting Secretary

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