September 2011 Minutes

Minutes of September 12, 2011

Present: Leslie Lowe, Julie Morrill, Anita Ward, Allan Lowe, Clidia Gibson, Nancie Carlson, Tonja Swanson, Andy Swanson, Nina Pence

Agenda Items:

1.)    Minutes of August 15 board meeting approved with one correction to move misplaced comma in Treasury balance.  Correct balance is $1,426.36

2.)    Treasurer’s Report:  Tonja stated that there was no change from August report

3.)    Membership Chair Report:  Andy submitted a draft of a letter to prospective new members/supporters inviting them to join our league.  Much discussion followed.  Nancie and Julie stated that the letter is too long and should be confined to one page.  Leslie asked what brought Nancie, Clidia, Julie, and the Swansons to join/rejoin.  They said it was mostly through personal contact by an existing member inviting them to join.  Discussion was held about including our mail-in brochure with each letter, and what information should be in the brochure, and printing costs.  Andy said there could be as many as 1,000 names for mailing.  Leslie will get printing costs for 300 copies of black on white, colored paper, and colored print on white paper.  Meeting dates & location should be included. (2nd Monday Sept. through April and May Annual meeting).  Some information about activities included.  Nancie will work on brochure design and with Andy on Draft letter.  Andy will glean names from Chamber of Commerce list, and Nina will pull names from LWVUS list of all former local league members.

4.)    Centennial 2012 Celebration update:  Nancie said we need a cover letter to schools for the essay contest on Voting.  She noted that Item #9 on this agenda relates to this subject.  Clidia reported that AAUW, LWVKC and Klamath Historical Society will provide books on related subjects in the Library at $20 from each group.  She noted that the celebration program will be on March 4, 2012 at 2:00 PM at the Library.Theme will be “A Community Celebration of Oregon Women’s Right  to Vote”

Essays will be read and awards presented.  Essay contest will be held in January and February for Middle School grades.  Mac and Leslie will Jury.  Andy moved, Nancie seconded that LWVKC donate an additional $20 for two more books requested by Clidia.  Motion carried.

5.)    Energy Conservation Program and Film:  Will be on Wednesday, October 19 at 7:00 PM in the Library.  Leslie urged all to attend and arrive by 6:15 to help with setup,  Library will provide all refreshments.  Pacific Power and Energy Trust of Oregon will co-host along with other program presenters.A short film demonstrating weatherizing a local home for energy savings will be shown.

6.)    New LWVKC Web site:  Mary Sinclair, our local league state board contact, from the Medford League is working on this.  After she makes additions and changes our members need to examine it carefully before it goes live.  Past local studies should be included.

7.)    News Article:  Leslie stated that we should emphasize that 2012 will be our local league’s 40th anniversary year.  She asked who should meet with news staff when information is complete.  Leslie, Andy, Nina and Anita, if possible, were suggested.  Leslie will go over markups Nina made on her first draft of information.

8.)    (and 11a.)  Popular Vote for President forum:  Discussion held on Mac MacKrell’s August 15 report on the book about this subject.  Andy will coordinate a date with Mac for a forum possibly in January or February.  A Sunday afternoon in late Jan. or early Feb. best.  A pro and con panel is possible.  Members present agreed that this is a good subject for a League program.  Study may be necessary beforehand.    A committee is needed.  Leslie and Nina will help as needed.

9.)    See Item #4 above.

10,)   Hodges Memorial:  Hold for October meeting.

11.)   Program Planning: f.)  General consensus is that we need a study on the subject of “Privatization of Government Assets”  An exploratory committee is needed.  Should this topic be a State or National League study?  We need more information, especially on deadlines.  Leslie gave an example of how Oregon’s Judicial System is changing to privatizing many of its services..  She will email more information to board members.  We will continue this discussion at October board meeting.

Agenda Additions: Thanks to Tonja for refreshments.  Member noted “Art With A Heart” program possible involvement.  It mostly focused on children, and we don’t have time or energy for any further involvements at this time.

Next Board Meeting:  Monday, October 12, 7:00 PM at County Library.  Mark your calendars.

Respectfully submitted by Nina Pence, Acting Secretary

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