Studies and Reports

A) Current Local Study:

We sponsored an initiative effort to elect Klamath County commissioners on a non-partisan basis.  We gathered 1404 valid signatures by February 19, 2013 to enable us to put this issue on the May 21, 2013 ballot so all Klamath County voters can decide this issue.  We are now strategizing as to how to encourage voters to complete their ballots.  There is opposition from certain Republicans on this issue.

B) State level positions and actions from 1968

State level positions and actions

This link takes you to a list of Oregon legislative activities based on LWV studies and actions dating back to 1968 in Oregon. The categories include Governance, Natural Resources, and Social Policy, as well as further information on LWV and its use of studies to create positions and actions based on those positions.

C) Past Local Level Studies

Privatization 2011-12 

Privatization study materials 1

Privatization study materials 2

Consensus Report March 2012

Klamath Clean Air Report 1990-91

Air Quality PDF

D) Other reports and useful information

Oregon’s Property Tax History Nov 2011

with an emphasis on its impact on Multnomah County Local Govts.

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